Frequently Asked Questions



Once inside the body, what do implants feel like?    
There are several women that compare the feel of their breasts (after getting this operation) to that of a young woman with healthy and firm breasts.  There are mainly two  options for this surgery: Saline and Silicon Gel. Of these two, Silicone gel implants have a softer and more natural feel as compared to the Saline implants. Saline seems to feel firmer (inside and outside the body).


Do breast implants have an expiration date?    
Simply put, implants do not have any exact expiration date.


Do breast implant surgeries last a lifetime?    
Even though this is possible, but it may be unlikely. There are women that have had this surgery, and it has lasted without a problem for more than 20 years. That being said, according to the Institute of Medicine, the average life expectancy of this surgery is approximately 16 years.


Is it possible to create a cleavage after getting this operation
Whether this surgery can create a cleavage depends on a number of factors such as: shape and diameter of breasts prior to the operation, the amount of breast tissue that is available and the extent of augmentation. Women that have a standard chest and wall size have better chances of enhancing their cleavage.


Do implants make sounds like squeaking or sloshing?    
These sounds can be common during the first few days post surgery. At times, there may be air in the pocket, which causes these types of noises. At the same time, these noises do not last for a long time and dissipate within a few days to some weeks.


Is there a risk of losing breast or nipple section sensation?
Some women experience a loss in nipple sensation after undergoing a breast enhancement surgical procedure. This usually happens for a period of the first three to six months. In most cases the feeling is restored naturally. At the same time, there are a small percentage of patients that may experience a loss in sensation in the long term. The main determinants for losing sensitivity in the breast, nipple area are the location of the implant and the extent of the surgery.


Do breast implants get hard?    
No, this does not happen just by itself. On the other hand, in case a capsular contracture occurs, your breasts might feel more firm than before. This happens as a result of the shrinking of the scar capsule, which in turn squeezes the implant, thus making it feel firm. In reality, in case the implant is removed, it feels just as it did when it was placed during the initial surgery.


Can I have saline added to my implants after the surgery?   
Most such surgeries will allow for extra saline to be added (or even removed) after surgery. This is a fairly simple procedure, and can be easily done using a local anesthetic. At the same time, it is important for you to remember that having saline removed or added, once the port has been closed, may result in damaging the integrity of the valve. This will make it more prone to leaking.

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